What to Expect with a Root Canal

“Are root canal treatments painful? Should I request sedationWill I have a recovery time?”

These are all normal questions that may run through your mind when your dentists says “You need a root canal.”

At Gentle Endodontics of Kent we ensure you know what we are doing at every step of the process of a root canal. Our knowledgable staff will ask and discuss any concerns you may have prior to your treatment.

However, before you come to get the root canal procedure you may have a couple questions.

Will my root canal be painful? Dr. Atabakhsh and our team try to make you as comfortable as possible. We will be give a local anesthetic before the procedure, so it is usually no more painful than a typical dental filling.

Will is be noisy? Yes, just like a dental filling experience at your dentist, the noises will be almost identical. Our root canals typically take less than one hour, so no worries, you will be out of the exam in no time.

Should I request sedation? Dr. Atabakhsh applied local anesthesia, which typically works to relieve any pain during the root canal. However if you are extremely anxious or unable to handle the stress of the procedure, please let us know and we may prescribe valium prior to your appointment. 

Will I have recovery time? Patients may experience mild pain and sensitivity for a few days. This is temporary and normal. It is extremely important to follow up with your primary dentist to have a filling. Please call us with any concerns or if the pain lasts longer than three days.

If you do have other questions, please call our office anytime. We look forward to serving you soon!