Take A Virtual Tour of Our Clinic

Our team at Gentle Endodontics of Kent strives for each patient to feel comfortable, both on dental chair and in the waiting area.

Check out a virtual tour of our clinic before your root canal treatment!

Click Here or below: Gentle Endodontics of Kent Clinic Video

We are located in Kent, Washington, off 104th Ave SE.

After arriving to the second floor, our friendly staff will ensure you are comfortable and they are ready to address any of your questions or concerns. Grab a cup of coffee or water while filling out your patient intake forms.

We are obtaining the highest quality dental imaging system, a brand new CBCT Scanner. After completing your scan, you may relax in our dental chair and Dr. Atabakhsh will meet with you.

Thank you for choosing Gentle Endodontics of Kent, the #1 choice for root canals in the area.